Discover the Fleet Class 91 locomotives and Mark 4 coaching stock

Take a look at the complete list of InterCity 225 locomotives and coaching stock, including details of liveries worn, names applied and dates of construction. Some InterCity 225s continue to run their traditional crack express services along the East Coast Mainline (ECML), while other locomotives and coaches have been scrapped or cascaded elsewhere. You’ll find full details in the pages below.

Garry Stroud

Class 67 locomotives

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Class 91 locomotives

A total of 31 class 91 locomotives were built by British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL) at Crewe Works from 1988 to 1991. They have all spent most of their lives working on the ECML as part of the InterCity 225 sets. Around half survive – several have been refurbished for continued operation along the ECML, some have found secondary uses while others have been scrapped or only exist as spares donors.

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Chris Curtis

Mark 4 coaching stock

A total of 282 Mark 4 coaches and 32 Driving Van Trailers (DVTs) were built by Metro-Cammell at Washwood Heath from 1989 until 1992 for the InterCity 225 sets. The coaches were an evolution of other British Rail designs and rely heavily on features developed for the ill-fated Advanced Passenger Train (APT). They have spent most of their lives working on the East Coast Mainline (ECML). Eight sets of nine coaches and DVTs (plus spares) remain in use on the ECML with London North Eastern Railway (LNER), while eight sets of five coaches and DVTs (plus spares) are owned by Transport for Wales for use on its premier services between South Wales and Manchester or Holyhead.

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